What’s Happening At The Shoe!


  • It’s 50 Cent Wing Night

    Every Wednesday!...Get Here Early!

    Wednesday Wing Night

    Every Wednesday At The Snow Shoe!

    Regular Styles:

    Plain * Mild * Hot * BBQ * Teriyaki * Cajun

    Specialty Styles:

    Salt & VinegarĀ 

    Utica (Bleu Cheese & Hot Sauce

    Kyle Style (Salt & Pepper)

    Winkie (Hot, BBQ & Cajun)

    Sneaky Pete (Honey Spice & Hot Sauce)

    Montgomery (Ranch & Hot Sauce)

    Boot Knockers (Hot Sauce & Cajun Spice)


  • Hot Dog Night At The Shoe!

    Every Tuesday ~ All day Till The Kitchen Is Closed!

    Get Your Red Hots Every Tuesday Night!

    $ 3.00 Hot Dogs with four toppings!

    Of course there’s chili, cheese and sauerkraut…but there’s a lot more toppings to choose from.